Monday, August 25, 2008

New Bows

White with green and pink
White with pale yellow
Red with patriotic ribbon korker top
White with patriotic ribbon korker top
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Lilac with lilac ruffle
Pink twisted bow with pink ruffle, topped with white
Pink with purple top
Three tone orange bow
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Pink, brown with pink brown stitch top
White with pink and green polka dot
Pink and brown stripe topped with pale pink
Pale pink with brown and pink stripe top

Orange with lime green ruffle and orange, yellow and green check top

Sheer zebra print with lime green

Apple green with aqua top
Dark teal with lime green top
Red with zebra print

Satin zebra print with hot pink
Satin brown and pink polka dot with pink top
Pink with brown, orange and green polka dot
Three layer white
Hot pink and peach
Three tone pink stripe with hot pink top

More New Large Bows

White with brown polka dot
Pink with pink polka dot
Red polka dot with red ruffle
Three shades of pink

New Large Bows

Dark brown with hot pink and light pink
Rose pink, brown with pink polka dot and brown/pink stripe
White sheer on white grosgrain
Salmon pink with green

Green with with sheer